1. What do I need to bring in to get my notary stamp?

We need the certificate showing you have been officially appointed as a Notary Public. We will make a copy of your certificate to keep for our files and give you the original back. Each time you renew your status as a notary, we will need the updated certificate to make a stamp for the new term. If you prefer to order your stamp online, over e-mail or over the phone, you can fax or e-mail us a scanned copy of your certificate.


2. I need to get a notary stamp. Can I bring in my bond paperwork?

No, we need the certificate showing you have been officially appointed as a Notary Public.

3. Can my self-inking stamp be re-inked, or do I need to replace the pad?

Our self-inking stamps are designed so that the pads can be re-inked or replaced. Re-inking provides a substantial savings. We always have re-fill ink in all the available colors in stock. A 2oz bottle of ink is comparable to the cost of a replacement pad and lasts about 2 years before it needs to be replaced. If you don’t want to replace the pad and prefer to not re-ink yourself, we do offer a re-inking service.

4. Can I place my order by e-mail, or do I have to come in?

We are happy to accept orders over e-mail, and can even e-mail an invoice to you when your stamp(s) are ready for pickup. If you are ordering a notary stamp, we do need a copy of your Notary Republic certificate. You can scan it and attach it to your e-mail. Please e-mail orders to mail@bbrubberstamp.com

5. If I place my order today, how fast can I expect to get my stamp(s)?

​Normally, we are able to have your order ready the next business day. If an artwork setup in involved or the item you are needing is not in stock, it may take longer.

6. Do people still use wood stamps?

​They sure do! Some people still prefer the wood (hand stamp) style stamps. However, the wood style stamps are being phased out and being replaced with a similar style plastic stamp. While it has a slightly different feel to it, the impressions tend to come out a bit cleaner.