We can make custom stencils up to 15″ x 24″. Many stencils are made in house for fast turn around time using canary colored oilboard. With special order, we can do mylar stencils as well up to 12″ x 24″. We also offer stencil supplies such as ink in a variety of colors, rollers and roller pads. Please call, email or come in for your personalized quote!


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Canary Board Stencil Price List

letters up to 1″ $0.60ea
letters up to 2″ $1.20ea
letters up to 3″ $2.00ea
letters up to 4″ $3.00ea
letters up to 6″ $6.00ea
letters up to 8″ $9.00ea
letters up to 10″ $12.00ea
letters up to 12″ $15.00ea

Stencil Supplies

3″ Roller $16.50ea
3″ Roller Handle $12.00ea
Ink – Quart $35.00ea
Ink Pad $12.50ea